Prescription Drug Abuse

More than 116 million Americans -- one-third of the nation -- suffer from chronic pain, with the number rising as baby boomers age. But the powerful prescription drugs that control the pain have become a huge national problem. They now cause more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined, with someone dying every 14 minutes. Published by Ronin Publishing in Summer 2013, Prescription Drug Abuse explains the problem and the highly imperfect government attempts to solve it -- including crackdowns so broad that they have contributed to the problem of homelessness and left terminally ill patients to die in agony while the government restricts access to their medicine. The book explains the warning signs of drug abuse, tells how intimates can struggle with feeling guilty, and describes how to put together a team to conduct an “intervention,” with a step-by-step approach. It is carefully researched and written in the clear, easy-to-understand language for which Dr. Estren is known.

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