Healing Hormones

Healing Hormones, published in Fall 2013 by Ronin Publishing, tackles a huge, attention-getting subject. TV programs, radio shows, websites are all constantly telling people to take it easy, slow down, de-stress to feel better, live longer, be a better parent and more loving mate. But how? The prescriptions are disappointing: Yoga? Time-consuming and difficult for many. Prescription drugs? Costly, subject to abuse and often unhelpful. Naturopathic remedies? Unproven, untested and frequently ineffective. In Healing Hormones, Dr. Estren offers a better answer by showing readers how to harness their own bodies' health-producing chemicals to improve their lives. Healing Hormones investigates five body-produced hormones that counter the stress response to make life better, calmer and more relaxed. The five healing hormones are dopamine, nitric oxide, endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin -- all explained in Dr. Estren's typical scientifically accurate but easy-to-understand language. Find out how to harness your own body's relaxation capabilities -- easily and without drugs -- in Healing Hormones.

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