One Toke to God

Published in April 2017, One Toke to God goes a big step beyond the many books discussing the medicinal and recreational aspects of cannabis. Here Dr. Estren considers the plant as a gateway to a strong spiritual experience, to an intense form of connection with "the divinity within." One Toke to God is a collection of 30 essays by some of the most prominent investigators of the power of cannabis, including a dozen Ph.D. holders who have studied the plant and its effects for many decades. Dr. Estren's introduction explains the spiritual role of cannabis with reference to, among others, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; and his analysis of Timothy Leary's mental and spiritual "circuits" shows why cannabis was deemed essential to connecting with a higher form of consciousness mediated by LSD. Meticulously edited to clarify the contributors' analytical and, in some cases, personal connections with the spiritual use of cannabis, One Toke to God offers a view of the plant's power that goes well beyond its acknowledged substantial uses for medical and social purposes.